I admit it. I don’t really like Mathematics. I don’t like solving Math problems. Sometimes, I just think that where will I use Mathematics? Where will I use polygons? Where will I use the X and Y’s?  But if we look behind the veil of our daily lives, everything is dependent on math. The curve of a freeway ramp, the price of gas, and the calculations made on taxes, insurance, and loans, the design of your car, even our “baons” that our parents give us – nothing could happen without elaborate math.

We use math in our daily lives. There are concepts in math that is important in our daily lives, the first one is addition. We simply use addition in our lives daily, like for example, shopping, we shop for almost five dresses that are worth 500 php, and then we add it so we can pay for the amount that we need to pay.

The second concept that I think is also important in our lives is subtraction. When we know how to buy things, and pay for it, we should also know how much our change is. If we don’t know how to subtract the right amount, we will be fooled by other salesman.  Like for example, we must pay for only 800 php and what we paid the cashier was 1000 php and the only change he/she gave us was 100 php and its okay for us because we don’t know how to subtract and we don’t know what the right change is. Therefore, in that instance, subtraction in our lives is indeed important.

Third concept is multiplication. I just thought of it, that multiplication is also important because instead of adding things for more than six times, we can just multiply it. For example, we bought 13 packs of juices, and each pack is worth 52.50 php. Instead of adding 52.50 for like 13 times, we will just be multiplying it by 13. It is one way of computing certain things easier.

The fourth concept is division. If addition, subtraction, and multiplication is important to our lives, I also thought that division might be important to our daily lives. We can use division when having groupings in our class, we will be dividing our class into 4 groups and the class has 32 students, in one group, we will be having 8 members. That is a simple step to an easier computation.

The last concept or the fifth concept in mathematics that I think is also important is geometry. Geometry exposes the ultimate essence of the physical world which makes mathematics important. Geometry is important because it hones one’s thinking ability by using logical reasoning. The knowledge of geometry is the best doorway towards other branches of Mathematics.

To all students, learn to appreciate math because without it, life won’t go on. Even a single piece of pie, we use math. In every building, we use math. In following a recipe we still use math. Shockingly, students don’t appreciate math because in some ways, math is hard for them. Why? There is only two reasons in that question, it is either they did not listen to their teacher and they’re lazy enough to study math or they really don’t like numbers.

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